First Art exhibition at Home in Berlin

We are excited to present the artistic creations of some art students, who are also our tenants, in the Study Lounge at the Ernst-Reuter-Haus until 23.02.2024. Excited to explore? You’re welcome to visit! The Study Lounge is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm.

Find out more about the artists

Nannaphat Siri: Installation Media

Nannaphat is an artist from Thailand. She made a student dorm desk with different things. She shows how she feels about living in another country. She uses photos, graffiti, hand craft, and more. She moved to Berlin in 2022 and found the city very artistic and diverse.

Paul Navarro: Photography

Paul is a photographer from Mexico who uses art as a way of expression. He moved to Berlin less than a year ago and feels at home here. He is fascinated by the duality of things and reflects on them in his images.

Artur Gisings: Graphic Design

Artur is a graphic designer from Riga, Latvia. He was inspired by his father, who designed boardgames when he was a kid. He has been exploring different art mediums, but graphic design is his main passion. He creates logos, posters, flyers, and more. He moved to Berlin two years ago, and he has mixed feelings about the city. But he likes the variety of culture and the opportunities for inspiration and exploration.

Hamza Aka spek7: Electronic music

Hamza is an electronic music producer from Morocco who creates deep melodic house and techno tracks. He started making music since 2011 as a hobby, but the pandemic motivated him to take it more seriously and consider doing it as a side-profession. He moved to Germany and performed at various clubs and festivals in Berlin and Brandenburg.

We would like to thank all the artists for sharing their work and passion with us. We would also like to thank all the tenants and guests who attended the exhibition and supported the local art scene. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. Stay tuned for more events in the future.

Here are some highlights from the opening night.

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