Here you can find news from our student residences, the neighborhood you live in and Berlin. But of course also information about Home in Berlin events – stay tuned!

German Culture 101
– 23. February 2024

If you are living or planning to live in Germany, there are a few things you should know to make sure you respect the culture and customs. Here are six tips that you should follow so that you don’t come across as rude or even get into trouble. The Six Essential Tips for a smooth […]

First Art exhibition at Home in Berlin
– 14. February 2024

We are excited to present the artistic creations of some art students, who are also our tenants, in the Study Lounge at the Ernst-Reuter-Haus until 23.02.2024. Excited to explore? You’re welcome to visit! The Study Lounge is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. Find out more about the artists Nannaphat Siri: Installation Media […]

25.01.2024, 5:00 pm: Enjoy free drinks, art and good vibes!
– 17. January 2024

On 25.01.2024 from 5:00 pm you can expect a relaxed happening with drinks, snacks, lots of good vibes and of course great art. Get to know the artists and other guests.

Just drop by and join the party!

Impressions of our Christmas Partis!
– 21. December 2023

The Christmas Parties were a complete success and we look forward to further joint events with and for our tenants. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and wish you a pleasant pre-Christmas period.

The best Christmas movies
– 20. November 2023

Before Christmas, when it gets cold outside and dark very early in the evening it is the best time to cuddle in a warm blanket, drink some tea and watch the best christmas movies.

Traditional Christmas Cookies
– 16. November 2023

Typical for the time before Christmas are gingerbread, cinnamon stars and other traditional pastries. You can see what you can snack on here: