Our team – responsibilities and contact person

We want to help you to effortlessly organize your stay in our accommodations or student residences. This allows you to stay focused on your studies or training and enjoy Berlin.

Contact our renting team if you would like to reserve an apartment or would like to extend your lease. This goes for switching apartments or subletting your apartment as well.

You have a question concerning our houses? Our customer support is here for you! For general questions about the accommodations or rooms in the student residences, visit us or give our service points a call. You will find them in our residences Ernst-Reuter-Haus and Alfred-Jung-Straße. You can schedule package deliveries for them and will receive all essential information for your stay in our apartments or rooms. Each house has an e-mail address which you can contact as well.

The accounting team is helping you in case of questions concerning rent, payment reminder or deposit.


We are responsible for

  • Reservations
  • Renewal of leases
  • Moving houses
  • Subletting

Ms. Bader, Ms. Kranz, Ms. Müller

E-Mail vermietung@brst.de
Tel. +49 30 491022-0


We are responsible for

  • Contact for general questions
  • Accepts your written notifications for administration
  • Rental of cooking essential packages
  • Mail/parcel acceptance
  • 24h security service

Service points

  • Ernst-Reuter-Haus
  • Alfred-Jung-Straße 14

Opening hours

7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(or schedule an individual appointment in the relevant house)

Tel.: +49 30 491022-0

Alfred-Jung-Straße 12/14
Herr Worner ajs@brst.de

Herr Reiche bru@brst.de

Ernst-Reuter-Haus (Altbau)
Herr Degenhardt erh@b-betz

Ernst-Reuter-Haus (Neubau)
Herr Schulz erh@brst.de

Herr Reiche han@brst.de

Herr Christ ks@brst.de

Herr Reiche phh@brst.de

Herr Rönfeldt wmh@brst.de


Area of Responsibility:

• Rental payment
• Reminder
• Deposit

E-Mail: debitoren@brst.de
Tel.: +49 30 491022-0