Occupancy policy for student residences
of the Mayor Reuter Foundation

Version of July 08, 2020, in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Management of July 07, 2020


On the basis of the statutes of the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung in the version from the 03.12.2014, in particular with reference to § 3 para. 2 letter b of the statutes, the following guideline is adopted for the occupancy of the student residences.

The guideline serves to define the criteria according to which, through a rotation of residents, as many students as possible, with equal treatment of all applicants, are enabled to live temporarily in the student residences of the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung.

§ 1 Application procedure

1) The application for admission to a student dormitory of the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung for residential purposes for a limited period of time for the duration of a course of study is generally made via an online application form, which can be accessed via the websites of the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung.

2) Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.

§ 2 Residential entitlement

1) The Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung provides housing for a limited period of time for students

a) at the universities, technical colleges and technical schools in the state of Berlin,
b) at the universities and technical colleges in the city of Potsdam, as well as
c) at the universities, technical universities and technical schools in the state of Brandenburg.

The housing entitlement applies to this group of persons, under the condition that they are
a) in training for a bachelor’s or master’s degree or
b) in another comparable higher education course or
c) in doctoral studies

and no degree has yet been awarded.

2) Foreign students who are temporarily staying at the above mentioned institutions in the state of Berlin, the city of Potsdam or the Technische Hochschule Wildau within the framework of state or university exchange or special study programs are also eligible for housing.

3) The proof of eligibility for housing according to the above paragraphs 1 and 2 must be submitted to the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung by the applicant as soon as possible, but no later than 3 weeks after the beginning of the semester in an appropriate form (usually by submitting the current certificate of enrollment or a corresponding proof of commencement of studies in the original).

4) The total period of residence in student dormitories of the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung, including any previous periods of residence in other similar institutions providing the student body with dormitory places, is limited to 14 semesters. In cases of particular hardship, the maximum duration may be exceeded by a maximum of 2 semesters on the basis of a written request accompanied by a statement of reasons at the dutiful discretion of the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung. The same applies to exceeding the total period of residence due to required examination semesters. The justification for the granted extension of the period of residence will be set down in writing by the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung.

5) If no applicants meeting the criteria of the above paragraphs 1 and 2 are available, leasing may also be granted under the condition of time limitation

a) to applicants who are undergoing language training in Berlin or Potsdam in preparation for their studies, or
b) to other persons undergoing training (e.g., apprentices, trainees)

who have established their center of life here due to their training in Berlin or Potsdam. Training, internship and language training must be proven by written contracts or course confirmations. The period of residence is determined by the duration of the training, internship or course as stated in the contracts or confirmations submitted.

6) In order to ensure economic efficiency, especially in the case of otherwise threatening vacancies, rentals may be made to members and lecturers of the institutions named in paragraph 1 above in addition to the group of persons named in the preceding paragraph, as long as the accommodation of the group of persons named in paragraphs 1 and 2 is not endangered. Vacant living space may only be rented to this group of persons for a limited period of time, at the longest until the next semester end (31.03. or 30.09.).

7) If the overall demand for dormitory space is so low that it is not possible to rent out all dormitory space, new temporary leases may be signed or existing leases may be extended until the next following semester end (03/31 or 09/30), even if the original lease terms are exceeded.

8) If residential units are intended for more than one person, children, partners and caregivers of persons entitled according to paragraphs 1 and 2 are also entitled to reside there upon separate written application.

§ 3 Reasons for exclusion

1) Applicants are not eligible for residence,

a) who are predominantly employed and are engaged in an activity subject to social insurance contributions or have regular income from gainful employment and whose income exceeds 2.5 times the maximum requirement provided for in Section 13, Paragraph 1, No. 2 BAföG,

b) who have had a previous tenancy agreement with the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung terminated,

c) who have already rented living space from the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung and for whom outstanding rent arrears exist or against whom legal proceedings for termination have been initiated,

d) who have already rented accommodation from the Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung or from another similar institution for the provision of student accommodation, exhausting the permissible total period of residence (§ 2 Para. 4).

Berlin, July 08, 2022

Wolfgang Huber
Chairman of the Board

Petra Hildebrandt
Chief Executive Officer